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Role-playing​ Counterspells

In Morgalad Fantasy RPG, spellcasters roll against a set difficulty to determine if their spell would be successful against a target.
However, spellcasting is a honed ability, learned through years of training and practice. What if another spellcaster was knowledgeable enough to interrupt a spell in progress with another spell?

Answer: The Counterspell.

Counterspells come in many flavors; reflection, cancelation, exhaustion, etc. But how to make these into applicable mechanics without breaking the game or granting extra turns?

In role playing games a player can choose to hold their action. In short allowing others in line after them to attempt an action. Some players hold their turn to gauge how an NPC or how a BBEG reacts. This would be the perfect doorway for counterspells.

In short a spellcaster will prepare their spells, choose to hold their action, then when an NPC attempts a spell the player can then activate their action in an attempt to interrupt the opponents spell causing one of a series of effects. The two spellcasters would then undergo a knowledge challenge where in they will each roll 4d6 + Knowledge to determine who is successful with victory awarded to the highest number. However, counterspells come at a price. If you attempt to counter a spell and fail the effects of said spell are then duplicated and the duplicate will now target the countering spellcaster with the spells effects halved.

*Counterspell effects:
* *Cancelation*: the opponent expends the energy but the spell fails to initiate.

*Reflection*: the opponents effects are turned back against themselves. *

* *Exhaustion*: the spell fails to initiate unless the opponent expends twice the regular energy.

For a full list of counterspells and rules be sure to look for our newest expansion: Heros of Lore coming for the Morgalad Fantasy RPG.

Binding the Wind

“Piracy is an omnipresent threat while sailing the open seas, and none are more formidable than the treacherous slavers that seek more than simple cargo.”
A new system agnostic encounter is now available. *Binding the Wind* is an exceptional encounter with pages of NPCs and plot points to help create memorable high seas adventures.

Available at these locations

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Company Updates

Creature A Week

This week the creature a week series will be phased into the McNabbGames online store as well as the Morgalad Online storefront, as such the domain will no longer house this series. So be sure to join or to keep up with the creature ecologies we all love. All customers who ordered the yearly subscription will still be able to receive their products from one of our other various distribution channels.


Our first adventure module, “The Scouts of Whitefall”, is now available for the Morgalad Fantasy RPG. “The Scouts of Whitefall” is the first part in a three part series set in a new campaign setting.

Quarterly Company Update

McNabb Games and MGR

As many who have followed our progress may have noticed, McNabb Games has went from a simple self publishing content creator to a full fledged​ store front with publishing options available to everyone. As of February of 2017 McNabb Games has opened it’s first brick and mortar location which has lead us to undergo a few changes. To begin with I understand that having a storefront and a publishing house tied into one name brand and one site can become a bit confusing. That is why we are going to make McNabb Games focus on being our physical and digital storefront. At McNabb Games you can purchase all of our content as well as content from other creators both online and in our store. Our publishing, graphic design, and digital content creating will be done under the Label MGR or McNabbs Game Resources in an attempt to create a somewhat clear distinction between our store front and our publishing/manufacturing firm.


Over at our weekly creature feature has been a fun project for us all, and has offered opportunities for local artists as well as some veterans in the hobby to showcase their abilities. Unfortunately due to the high operating costs and the time required (since it is a labor of love and generates very low revenue) will be changed to a subscription based service. The prices will be for 1 year subscriptions and will include 52 ecologies which will all be made available with stats compatible with Morgalad Fantasy RPG, Pathfinder and 5E by years end. After the fiscal year has closed we will make that years ecologies available for purchase on a creature by creature basis. That being said the best way to see new creatures as they are released is to purchase the yearly subscription which is actually half the cost as if you were to purchase the ecologies individually.

Morgalad Fantasy RPG

We realized our first fantasy RPG, Morgalad, thanks to a successfully funded Kickstarter that made it’s rounds in late 2014- early 2015. Since then we have made the starter book available for free to download via and a core rulebook available for purchase via the same site, drivethrurpg, tabletop library, Amazon, Kindle, Noble Knight, and other platforms. This year I am happy to announce the release of our first major expansion. This summer will be the release of our first in a 3 part adventure series titled, “The Scouts of Whitefall”. All three adventures will be released as separate modules in both print and PDF format, also a new expansion will be released to accompany those adventures titled “The Heroes of Lore”. Heroes of Lore will include 4 new professions, 25 more levels to expand upon the core levels, 50+ unique new abilities, and 30+ new creatures as well as the introduction of creature templates (ie half-breeds, werewolves, etc.)

Orc Office Party

In 2016 we were fortunate enough to experience our second fully funded Kickstarter project, Orc Office Party. Orc Office Party is a simple turn by turn elimination game where players attempt to slack off without being fired. We had some trouble with shipping as the month immediately following our funding prices at the USPS increased and rather than charge our backers an additional cost we had to make the decision to delay shipment and cover the costs ourselves. This was no easy task as we make very little to no profit off our crowdfunded games and make them merely for the joy of creating new games for our community. We encountered further logistics problems when current political endeavors caused conflict or changes with customs to certain countries but after much trial and error, I am proud to announce that all of our international and domestic orders have been shipped and are on the way to their respective owners.

Yet again I want to take this time to thank all of our supporters wether you have supported us through McNabb Games, through our various Kickstarter projects, or through creature a week and our other content distribution channels. Thank you for helping us grow. I hope to someday soon make this my full time job so that I can tailor our company and its many outlets to fit the needs of this amazing gaming community that has welcomed us with open arms.
Thank you ~John R.L. McNabb

Amonkhet Launch Party

Join us at our 1200 Harrison Street location for the launch party for Magic the Gatherings newest expansion, Amonkhet. April 28th from 6pm – 9pm. Make sure to register your place at the party via the following link before April 21st to make sure we have a spot available for you. Remember the more players we have the larger the prizes.
Registration link:

Item: Weaver’s Orb

Weaver orb

A beautiful orb adorned with brass bands with runes carved in. It hums slightly and pulses with a dull blue light. Any player that sees it is compelled to touch it. If it is touched it will grant the first wish the player thinks off. The player will have 2 minutes to decide what the wish will be. Once the wish is granted the orb disappears.
The origins of the orb are cloaked in myth. It was said a deity bestowed it to mortals as either a gift or a curse.

The Clerics Ruby

The Clerics Ruby
A special ruby amulet that can be charged with healing energy for future use. The cleric that charges it will be able to cast onto it as many healing spells that they are allowed in a 12 hour period.
Only one caster can charge it. To activate it the player must grasp it tightly. After every healing spell is used it must be recharged in order to be used again. It can only be recharged once all other charges are exhausted.

The History of Lycanthropes

In the ancient days before the birth of the two suns, the world of Terramydia was cloaked in darkness and only lit by the tumultuous lights in the heavens which harked the movements of the Gods. In these dark times the spirits of mortals and animals alike could intertwine, lending the savagery of beasts to the intellect of mortals allowing frightened tribes to survive the overwhelming darkness. Only the bravest of warriors, the most cunning of rogues, and the wisest shamans learned to harness these powers which once revealed under the moons light would help turn the tide of battle. After the Battle of the Architects the planetary triggers of these soulscourned beings changed drastically, turning a once noble partnership into a dangerously unbalanced curse. These beings walked the earth as mere mortals for the majority of their lives, but under times of great stress or by the light of the full moon the beast took over, rampantly unleashing it savagery upon all living beings nearby until its hunger or rage had been sated. As such this once honorable survival bond between man and beast is now an unbearable curse causing any struck with it to live a halved life. Very few have learned to tame the beast within, ultimately by becoming relatively savage in their mortal form allowing them to remain somewhat conscious in their beastly form. The curse of the lycanthrope can be passed by a bite as the curse is secreted from the lycans saliva.

The 3 Realms of existence.

The Morgalad core rulebook was released in 2015 and in 2016 the new creature a week series began to add more beasts to the fold. Now we take a brief glimpse into how the universe exists within the various campaign settings and universes of Morgalad. A few notes should be made on the cosmic design of the underlying universes that these creatures operate within. There are several planes of existence within every universe.
The physical realm is the material world where humans, dwarves, elves, and other beings exist and thrive.
The Ethereal realm which is comprised of two separate realms that operate on the same cosmic mechanics. These two ethereal realms; the Kingdom of crowns and the Kingdom of thorns are the spiritual world’s wherein dwells inhabitants such as angels, demons, and deity’s.
Then there are the Demi Planes the Demi Planes are obscured remnants left over from creation that have formed into a mutated cross roads between the physical world and the spiritual. It is within demi-planes such as The Veil, where death walks collecting the souls of those who have passed-on from the physical realm and escorts them to the next realm Often times the Demi planes are tapped into by powerful magicians in an attempt to create pocket dimensions to expand upon the physical realm.
We will take a look further into the various physical, ethereal, and Demi realms of existence in further posts as I intend to make this an ongoing series.