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Explore a Realm of Might and Magic
The Morgalad Starter Book is your first tome, crafted to help guide you on the first steps of your journey into the unique and limitless world known as Terramydia. A quest begins at the small harbor town known as Losloth Port. Enter the realm as a brave warrior, a mystical magi, a wise priest, or a cunning rogue. Here you’ll find one book to encompass everything; Player’s Guide, Host’s Guide, and Creature Compendium, all within one cover. Everything you need to journey the limitless halls of adventure lies within. The only limitation is your own imagination.
The Morgalad Fantasy Role-Playing Game Starter Book
– Characters : 8 Pregenerated Characters ready to play.
– Basic Rules : The basic rules to introduce you to Morgalad.
– Adventures : 2 Exciting basic adventures.
Morgalad is a tabletop role playing game set in a pre-medieval era in a world of high fantasy. Morgalad offers an alternative approach to the fantasy setting. With a new unique combat and magick system, Morgalad offers the old school high fantasy charm with a more narrative flair.