Custom Maps

Here at McNabb Games we offer Custom Maps.

Whether you’re writing a fantasy novel, needing a map for your new adventure module, or just want something completely new and custom for your home games; we are here to help. Witness your ideas come to life as your imagination is brought into reality with a custom map. No project is too small or too large with prices starting as low as $5 for basic commissions. Source files are available for purchase as well as copyrights and every order is custom tailored to fit your needs and can even be expedited to meet your timeline.

Technical Specifications/Details 

Here at McNabb Games we will create a custom fantasy cartography map for you. Each custom map comes in high resolution 300 DPI and in full color.  Maps can be continental, city, or interior building maps. Interior building maps can be done in 2d or isometric formats. Contact us today to discuss your custom map .

Basic offers :

  • Game Night Package 5$ : Ideal for a cheap map for game night or personal use. Full color lines on basic parch background with few details (up to 10 city positions, rivers and border lands).
  • Publishing Package 25$ : Full color lines on basic parch background with more terrain details (forests, mountains, etc.). Commercial Usage rights included for publications. All commercial publications should cite J.R.L. McNabb in it’s publication.
  • World Building Package 125$ : full hand painted map & terrain features, with color, textures and detailed terrain features, also includes all applicable copyrights and source files!

If you need multiple maps within the same order, or if you have any questions about what options would best suit your needs, feel free to contact us today to receive your custom quote.

The map maker reserves all rights to use the images produced for promotional purposes.