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Raven Wings Limited is dedicated to the creation of gaming products for the Morgalad RPG of mcnabbgames.com, Dungeons and Dragons, and other Role Playing Games.


The Great Book of NPCs Cover Page
Oglac - Human Tinker - D&D 5eGormunt - Human Beggar - D&D 5eFarcrix - Gnome Giant Killer - D&D 5eErud - Human Potboy - D&D 5eEarimdar - Elf Duskblade D&D 5eBlinktredt - Dwarf Blacksmith D&D 5eAcae - Weretiger Ranger

The Great Book of NPCs – Volume One


Product Description

Ten great Non-Player Characters for your adventures from Acae the Weretiger Ranger to Zalus a Centaur Truth Seer and everything in between!


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Raven Wings Limited is a shop belonging to Sincollo, a vaguely roguish figure who enjoys writing  up gaming characters, gaming scenario’s and long walks in the dungeon.