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NPC – Blinktredt – Dwarf Blacksmith – D&D 3.5


          Blinktredt is a normal Dwarf. He grew up as a normal dwarf, with a normal Dwarf family. The fact that he was kidnapped by the human’s as retaliation for a the Dwarf tribe stealing their goats doesn’t hardly matter at all does it? Or that he learned the ancient secrets of weapon-smithing from a little old cobbler leprechaun up in the mountains after the human family had left him out in the cold once they realized how much a young healthy Dwarfling could eat. Nope he’s a normal Dwarf. Completely normal. He wouldn’t dream of going out on adventures…or would he?

Product Description

Have you ever wondered what the background of the random dwarven blacksmith from the village was?
Wonder no further!

Meet Blinktredt, a ‘normal’ dwarf blacksmith.  He will sharpen your sword, maybe shoe your horses, and tell a tale of when he was a young Dwarfling.

Every Dungeon Master needs NPC’s, look no further!

Each NPC has a unique background with full stats provided in a handy chart.


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