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NPC – Earimdar – Elf Duskblade – D&D 3.5


          Earimdar comes from a line of great warriors, stretching back thousands of years. As a young elf, he is charged to go into the world for a century or so and discover who he truly is before he will be allowed to marry. Earimdar has arrived in the city, somewhat naively seeking adventure. He has a tendency to be arrogant, as all youth’s do. He also sees himself as better than the ‘lesser races’ including humans, and this will likely get him into trouble a time or two before he stops lording his elfish blood over other races. Although he is charged with going on adventures, he is somewhat finicky about what companions he chooses.

Product Description

That solitary, young, elf nobleman who just jostled you on the street, where did he come from?

Find out now!

Meet Earimdar, a young Elf pincling, in search of adventures.  He is haughty, and arrogant, but skilled in combat, both as a swordsman, and a battle-mage, for some white wine, and a little he may just join your adventuring party.


Every Dungeon Master needs NPC’s, look no further!

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