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Random Event – Tath the Deceiver – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition


Tath the Deceiver is on a secret mission from the Abyssal plane.  She comes disguised as an innocent elven messenger, but hides her sinister intent.

Designed for adventuring parties between the 6th and 8th levels.

Product Description

The Elven king has sent a messenger to your lands to proffer peace, and perhaps trade relations!
Your party happens upon her as she reaches the end of a weary day and she asks to share their fire for a while, an innocent elf-maiden scout on a difficult mission….or is she?

Every dungeon master needs random events.  Why go through the hassle of creating one and done characters yourself?
Discover the whole set of Random Events right here!  Individualized characters and background that can be tailored to any adventure!


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