Role-playing​ Counterspells

In Morgalad Fantasy RPG, spellcasters roll against a set difficulty to determine if their spell would be successful against a target.
However, spellcasting is a honed ability, learned through years of training and practice. What if another spellcaster was knowledgeable enough to interrupt a spell in progress with another spell?

Answer: The Counterspell.

Counterspells come in many flavors; reflection, cancelation, exhaustion, etc. But how to make these into applicable mechanics without breaking the game or granting extra turns?

In role playing games a player can choose to hold their action. In short allowing others in line after them to attempt an action. Some players hold their turn to gauge how an NPC or how a BBEG reacts. This would be the perfect doorway for counterspells.

In short a spellcaster will prepare their spells, choose to hold their action, then when an NPC attempts a spell the player can then activate their action in an attempt to interrupt the opponents spell causing one of a series of effects. The two spellcasters would then undergo a knowledge challenge where in they will each roll 4d6 + Knowledge to determine who is successful with victory awarded to the highest number. However, counterspells come at a price. If you attempt to counter a spell and fail the effects of said spell are then duplicated and the duplicate will now target the countering spellcaster with the spells effects halved.

*Counterspell effects:
* *Cancelation*: the opponent expends the energy but the spell fails to initiate.

*Reflection*: the opponents effects are turned back against themselves. *

* *Exhaustion*: the spell fails to initiate unless the opponent expends twice the regular energy.

For a full list of counterspells and rules be sure to look for our newest expansion: Heros of Lore coming for the Morgalad Fantasy RPG.

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