The 3 Realms of existence.

The Morgalad core rulebook was released in 2015 and in 2016 the new creature a week series began to add more beasts to the fold. Now we take a brief glimpse into how the universe exists within the various campaign settings and universes of Morgalad. A few notes should be made on the cosmic design of the underlying universes that these creatures operate within. There are several planes of existence within every universe.
The physical realm is the material world where humans, dwarves, elves, and other beings exist and thrive.
The Ethereal realm which is comprised of two separate realms that operate on the same cosmic mechanics. These two ethereal realms; the Kingdom of crowns and the Kingdom of thorns are the spiritual world’s wherein dwells inhabitants such as angels, demons, and deity’s.
Then there are the Demi Planes the Demi Planes are obscured remnants left over from creation that have formed into a mutated cross roads between the physical world and the spiritual. It is within demi-planes such as The Veil, where death walks collecting the souls of those who have passed-on from the physical realm and escorts them to the next realm Often times the Demi planes are tapped into by powerful magicians in an attempt to create pocket dimensions to expand upon the physical realm.
We will take a look further into the various physical, ethereal, and Demi realms of existence in further posts as I intend to make this an ongoing series.

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