The History of Lycanthropes

In the ancient days before the birth of the two suns, the world of Terramydia was cloaked in darkness and only lit by the tumultuous lights in the heavens which harked the movements of the Gods. In these dark times the spirits of mortals and animals alike could intertwine, lending the savagery of beasts to the intellect of mortals allowing frightened tribes to survive the overwhelming darkness. Only the bravest of warriors, the most cunning of rogues, and the wisest shamans learned to harness these powers which once revealed under the moons light would help turn the tide of battle. After the Battle of the Architects the planetary triggers of these soulscourned beings changed drastically, turning a once noble partnership into a dangerously unbalanced curse. These beings walked the earth as mere mortals for the majority of their lives, but under times of great stress or by the light of the full moon the beast took over, rampantly unleashing it savagery upon all living beings nearby until its hunger or rage had been sated. As such this once honorable survival bond between man and beast is now an unbearable curse causing any struck with it to live a halved life. Very few have learned to tame the beast within, ultimately by becoming relatively savage in their mortal form allowing them to remain somewhat conscious in their beastly form. The curse of the lycanthrope can be passed by a bite as the curse is secreted from the lycans saliva.

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