The Kingdom of Amryn

The Kingdom of Amryn is a shinning pinnacle along the Silver Coast. Ruled over by the dwarves of Gael-Mun, the trade city of Balmyth protrudes from Black Ash Mountain and stands upon a plateau overlooking the surrounding mainlands and coast lines. A solitary road leads into Balmyth where it branches off into three separate roads surrounded by inns and bazaars for travelers seeking a restful place to live and trade under the watchful eye of the Dwarf Lord Ulfrich Brownstone. The three roads of Balmyth continue on into the mountain itself where the true kingdom of the coastal dwarves lies buzzing with ever growing production. The vast stretches of the kingdoms are found by following one of the three main pathways into the mountain. The left road leads down into the mines and forges, the right road leads up to the unexplored caverns and tunnels where adventuring parties are always exploring hidden chambers for new secret treasures within the mountain; and the main road that leads travelers and traders into the main heart of the dwarvish city of Cragmyr. Cragmyr’s Heart is the main conclave of large stone chambers, primarily containing inns, taverns, and miscellaneous shops full of wondrous dwarven artifacts. Beyond these chambers are two more roads, one leading upward to the Crystal District of the noble dwarf-lords and even higher still to the Kings Halls, and the other road which leads down to the workers houses found in the Smut District where the miners and forge-masters live and operate the forges that are so crucial to the cities security and financial stability. ‚Äč The kingdom of Amryn is a relatively peaceful location as their fortifications have made them all but impenetrable from outside attacks. Within the City of Balmyth there are two large wells, whose waters always stay at a boiling temperature due to the ever working forges beneath the towns surface. During times of war the main gates into Balmyth are closed and all of its inhabitants are ushered into the mountain which is then sealed shut. At which time the dwarves cease all activity to all forges except for increasing production to the select few closest to the wells of Balmyth. As the forges rise in temperature the wells of Balmyth erupt like geysers filling the city with boiling water eliminating any threat that may have found its way over the walls. As for those who would dare attempt to lay siege on the town the two main stone gates, facing the ocean, are then opened releasing all of the boiling waters which sweeps any siege holds into the ocean rocks cooking them beneath its waves along the journey. While the kingdom may be safe from war; greed, and overindulgence can often be a virulent pandemic here. Small bands of thieves can sometimes be found lurking in the unexplored mines above Cragmyr’s Heart. Wicked merchants often hold secret meetings under the cloak of night in the city of Balmyth in an attempt to lure more innocent travelers into the town where they can either capture them or use them to help out number the dwarves in an effort to claim the mountain with political ploys. The mines and forges also pose an ever growing danger as cave ins and overflowing furnaces are always looming. Rumors of wicked beasts from the deep have also come to fruition as some young dwarves have been known to dig into unsafe caverns opening tunnels into the very nests of dark chthonic denizens of the planet. Amryn is a simple and lazy land on the surface but as players will soon realize once they venture beyond the plateau trade markets, Balmyth and Cragmyr can be as dangerous as they are luxurious.

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